Cumbee Center offers a variety of hands-on programs for children and teens to prevent dating violence and sexual abuse and assault. These programs are designed to be implemented in grade levels kindergarten through college. All programs are easily adaptable and available at any time throughout the year.

Healthy Relationships:
School groups: K- 5th and 6th -12th
Healthy Relationships is a relationship and friendship skills curriculum. All of the activities are hands-on and explores intra personal writing skills. It addresses topics such as: self-awareness, self-esteem, personal boundaries, respecting personal rights and boundaries of others, developing effective communication skills and negotiating successful solutions to conflict.

In Their Shoes:
School groups: 9th-12th
In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence has a scenario-based training style that is designed to
help participants talk about what dating is like for today's teens. It provides a snapshot of unhealthy
teen relationships with the goal of generating thoughtful discussion.

Girls Circle:
Ages: 9-18
The Girls Circle is a model of structured support groups. It is designed to foster self-esteem, help
girls maintain authentic connection with peers and adult women in their community, counter trends
toward self-doubt, and allow for genuine self-expression through verbal sharing and creative activity. Covering topics from celebrating individuality and diversity, exploration of goals and dreams, getting along with others, celebrating personal growth, to body image and goal for healthy living, role models, creativity, relationships, and family, every circle has something to offer. 

Circles are broken down in to these age groups: 9-14, 11- 13, 12-18, 14-18

Women's Circle
Ages: 18+
The Womens Circle is a support group for women to share and explore, empower, build skills and
encourage one another to live authentically in mind, body, heart and spirit. We are central in the
making and shaping of communities - surviving and thriving, protecting and nurturing life on earth.
Covering topics from relationships, personality styles, self-care, interpersonal safety, setting
boundaries, clarifying values and purpose, goal setting, to managing money, addressing conflicts,
building skills in work and professional life, coping with adversity and difficult emotions, there is a
circle for every woman.

Mother-Daughter Circle:
Ages: 11-18 (of Daughters)
The Mother-Daughter Circle is a structured support group for mothers and their daughters, ages 11-
18. The purpose of this circle is to promote a healthy and sustaining bond between mothers and
daughters during the transitional years from girlhood to young womanhood. The changing nature of
the mother-daughter relationship during adolescence is one of the most widely recognized and
commonly shared challenges in our society. Covering topics from empathy and understanding,
healthy communication skills, stress reduction skills, clear and reasonable limit setting, to
accountability and ownership practices, relationship success strategies and exploring meanings and
messages about being female, each circle will provide a bonding experience for each mother-
daughter relationship.