We believe education is a major key in creating a safe environment for everyone. We feel as though it is important to educate our community about the prevalence of domestic violence and sexual assault as well as how we can stop the violence before having the chance to occur.

Cumbee Center staff members are available to discuss a very wide range of topics related to domestic violence and sexual assault education, as well as provide more information about Cumbee Center services through speaking engagements, professional trainings, workshops, youth and teen prevention groups and awareness campaigns. 


Community Education
Our staff and volunteers participate in local events on a monthly basis, bringing pertinent literature and display materials to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault and provide valuable information about our services. 

Prevention Education 
Using a variety of programs and specific training, our community educators work with youth in our community in many different ways, one of the most popular being through small prevention groups. Educators are able to work with students from kindergarten through college, and discuss important topics using an interactive, fun and engaging approach, on an age appropriate level. 

Presentations and Professional Trainings 
Presentations are available throughout the year to civic, educational, social and religious groups to familiarize them with the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault and highlight their incredibly devastating implications for our community. Topics can be tailored by the Community Education Department at Cumbee Center to best meet your needs. Our staff members hold regular trainings for law enforcement and social service providers as well as the general public on aspects and dynamics of abuse pertaining to their professions. However, should your place of employment request a specific training, our staff would be more than happy to accommodate your needs.